MN-AATG is offering a spring 2023 workshop:


Kultur Unterrichten


Spring Workshop 2023

“Kultur Unterrichten”

Saturday, May 6, 9-2:30
Germanic American Institute, 301 Summit Ave S. St. Paul, MN

In spring 2023 we organized a workshop on holidays celebrated in German-speaking regions. In addition to well-known holidays, participants got to know other festivals and customs that are unfortunately given little consideration in classic teaching material. The question of how festivals and customs originated, how they are celebrated in different German-speaking regions, and how they have changed over the years was addressed. We also discussed ideas on “Teaching Culture,” with a special focus on developing innovative teaching ideas and activities for competency-based foreign language instruction. Participants took home not only newly-acquired knowledge about festivals and holidays, but also a collection of materials and creative teaching ideas for creating a “culture curriculum”!


Fall Workshop 2022

“A Panel Discussion on Advocacy for German”

Saturday, November 12th, 9-12:30
Germanic American Institute, 301 Summit Ave S. St. Paul, MN

Back in person! This panel featured a discussion on the current state of German in our schools! Panelists from both secondary and postsecondary institution shared ways in which they have grown their programs and kept them strong during the last few challenging years. They also shared tips for advocating for German language programs. The GAI also gave a short presentation on the ways that they help German teachers across the state.

Dr. Susanne Wagner, University of St. Thomas
Dr. Juliane Schicker, Dr. Seth Peabody, Dr. Kiley Kost, Carleton College
Katie Casson, Northfield High School
Brittany Elsen and Heather Vikla, New Prague High School

Followed by an optional meet-up for lunch at TBD.


“Workshop on Integrating Sustainability and Climate Action into the German Classroom”

With Drs. Holly Brining, Kristen Hylenski and Dan Nolan

from University of Minnesota Duluth

May 26, 2022, 4:30 – 6:30 PM

For spring 2022, the Minnesota Chapter of the AATG offered a workshop on developing and integrating sustainability-focused curriculum.  Drs. Holly Brining, Kristen Hylenski, and Dan Nolan provided concrete examples spanning several language levels.  To efficiently help instructors develop material related to the environment and climate action, workshop organizers provided guidance on how get started with sustainability curriculum development in German studies.  Presenters made recommendations on how to avoid common pitfalls often associated with sustainability-focused curriculum development.  They also drew on materials and guidelines developed with the sustainability learning hub: Environment and Engagement in Germans Studies (







Past Workshops

“Interrogating Colonial History in the German Classroom”

Saturday, October 16, 2021
Online via Zoom



MN AATG 2021 Worshop




Spring workshop with Daphne Warren in July, 2020!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

The topic of the workshop is “Teaching German through and for Diverse Identities,” as planned, but the format will differ in a number of ways from our usual chapter workshops. In addition to being held online, the workshop will be three 1-hour small-group workshops (9am, 10am, or 11am). This format will help to create a safe space for honest, at times uncomfortable, and courageous conversation. Participants will receive reading materials ahead of the workshop to prepare for the conversation.

Please read the complete workshop description (link to PDF) for a full explanation of what participants can expect. Register by June 26, 2020 at Given the format, the size of each group must be capped. AATG members will receive priority registration. (Join or renew your membership at Notification of registration acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent by Friday, June 27, at the latest.

TOPIC DESCRIPTION: The German-speaking world has long been, and is increasingly comprised of substantial cultural and ethnic diversity. The same can be said about many German classrooms in the US today. For German educators, the question is no longer “whether” or “why” to teach German within the frame of diversity, but rather “how?”  In this workshop, Daphne Warren (Plano, TX ISD; AATG SW regional representative;
Alle lernen Deutsch committee chair) offers expert guidance not simply for identifying engaging and effective resources for teaching about diversity in the German-speaking world, but, more importantly, how best to teach with these materials in order to foster critical self-reflection about students’ thinking and attitudes about different kinds of diversity–and prejudice and marginalization–in their home country/ies and communities. 



Fall 2019 Workshop and Concert

Friday, November 15, 2019

5:30 PM – 9:00 PM CST, University of St. Thomas

Professional Development & German Concert for German Instructors

With Eddie Hünecke & Tobi Hebbelmann

Description: This fall, on invitation of the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) and the Goethe Institut USA, Germany-based entertainers Eddi Hüneke and Tobi Hebbelmann will be touring in 20+ cities throughout the US. Many of their songs will be in German language – but they will be aiming to make their light-hearted approach to pop lyrics accessible to German and English speakers alike.

Eddie and Tobi will talk about their music, introduce their songs, and offer explanations on how to best incorporate them into the German curriculum. The workshop will be in German. There will be time in between the workshop and the concert for a quick dinner (provided). Please email the organizer with food restrictions you may have. We will try to accommodate those.

Spring 2019 Workshop

Samstag, 6. April 2019, University of St. Thomas

In diesem Workshop sind SIE die Expert*innen! Deutschlehrende bestimmen die Themen des Workshops vor Ort und teilen ihre besten Strategien, Materialien und Hinweise fürs Unterrichten. Kommen Sie mit Ihren Interessen, Fragen, Lieblingsmaterialien und Ideen. Geschäftstreffen, Mittagessen im deutschen Restaurant und ein kultureller Ausflug in der Stadt werden auch ins Programm einbezogen. Details auf dem Anmeldungsformular. Bitte bis zum 30. März anmelden.

“Musik und Märchen” Immersionswochenende

22.-23. September 2018
Dr. Mohamed Esa (McDaniel College)
Mount Olivet Conference and Retreat Center, Farmington, MN
Workshop Details