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Spring Workshop 2022

“Workshop on Integrating Sustainability and Climate Action into the German Classroom”

With Drs. Holly Brining, Kristen Hylenski and Dan Nolan

from University of Minnesota Duluth

May 26, 2022, 4:30 – 6:30 PM

For spring 2022, the Minnesota Chapter of the AATG will offer a workshop on developing and integrating sustainability-focused curriculum.  Drs. Holly Brining, Kristen Hylenski, and Dan Nolan will provide concrete examples spanning several language levels.  To efficiently help instructors develop material related to the environment and climate action, workshop organizers will provide guidance on how get started with sustainability curriculum development in German studies.  Presenters will also make recommendations on how to avoid common pitfalls often associated with sustainability-focused curriculum development.  We will also draw on materials and guidelines developed with the sustainability learning hub: Environment and Engagement in Germans Studies (https://www.carleton.edu/german/sustainability/)

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